Panels Design

The anatomical design of the tree adapts itself to the horse by means of the panels, allowing a perfect union with the rider.

The RUIZ DIAZ saddles are made with two different types of panels, depending on the model:

Moulded Latex Foam (BayFlex) or Synthetic Wool Flocking (AMS).

The RUIZ DIAZ panels are designed to achieve great stability and lightweight at the same time

AMS Panels

AMS® is the exclusive RUIZ DIAZ system. Until now, wool and synthetic wool flocking bunched up in the panels and caused hot spots or produced uneven pressure. AMS® system is a two layer design:

synthetic wool
a breathable neoprene layer.

The AMS® system eliminates pressure hot spots by dispersing the pressure within the panel over the breathable neoprene layer.
The saddle can be re-flocked as desired in the traditional manner.

Bayflex Pads

Bayflex® is a type of memory-flex polyurethane wich has been specifically designed for padding purposes by Bayer®. It is an extremely versatile material than can adjust itself to different pressures and maintain its protection without losing it shape.