Talabarteria Ruiz Diaz was born, as any creation, from a dream!.
It was born as an idea, as a different way of making things.
And from that substance, was fed from its beginnings up to now.Pedro Ruiz Diaz began to work in the workshops from an early age of 16, building himself up with the essence and secrets of the trade which he is so deeply passioned about .

Towards the year 1970, with only 23 years of age, he decides to establish Talabarteria Ruiz Diaz, based on a basic concept: the union of handcraftmanship, quality and technology, to achieve a superior product.Throughout all these years, Talabarteria Ruiz Diaz lived a constant process of growth and innovation which took it to convert itself into a company of reference in the worldwide riding saddles market.The improvement of the industrial plant, the incorporation of the latest technology, the openings of new markets, have been some of the hits in the process. All being accompanied with the same vision and spirit that were present in the beginnings. And as a proof of this growth, Talabarteria Ruiz Diaz has manufactured saddles for the most famous worldwide riders for different disciplines.Among them we may mention Blyth Tait, worldwide Champion in the Three Day Event category, Anky Van Grusnven, many times worldwide Olympic Champion in Dressage and Rodrigo Pessoa several times Olympic Champion in the Jumping category.
Pedro Ruiz Diaz in person, controls each stage of the saddles production, passionately taking care of each detail of the production and creation of new products.
He develops this labour together with his artisan saddlers, having as unique guides, Experience and Passion. We invite you to discover our products and share our pride in achieving a superior product.